#DBaileySeniors SELECT Model Team Applications



The #DBaileySeniors SELECT Model Team is geared towards seniors who are strongly engaged and interested in their academics, school, and/or community. 

SELECT Models will have opportunities to model for Danielle Bailey Photography as well as participate in fun and interesting workshops about topics such as financial management for teens, health and wellness, and college application tips that will enhance their senior year and prepare them for the world! You'll also have something amazing to put on those college applications since we'll be engaging in service learning opportunities all year long!

What is a Senior Model? 

Well, simply put, you're someone that represents Danielle Bailey Photography as well as your school and community. Your job is easy--just share all the fun you're having as a #DBaileySeniors SELECT Team Model! You're expected to use your social media once a week to talk about Danielle Bailey Photography. In return, you get rewards, such as:

  • Participating in themed group photo sessions for vendors such as Wild Jay Boutique
  • The opportunity to participate in destination photo shoots outside of Yakima
  • Watermarked digital images to share online with your friends
  • Model Lookbook app to show off your images from your phone
  • Being featured in #DBaileySeniors promotions
  • $50 print credit for every referral you get
  • The T-shirt Games, where you can win gift cards for wearing your #DBaileySeniors t-shirt!
  • More bonus opportunities for additional print credit

What else should I know?
  • #DBaileySeniors Models must be in good academic standing with their high school.
  • #DBaileySeniors Models may not represent any other photographers during the contracted period of time.
  • #DBaileySeniors Models are expected to always represent themselves in a positive manner on social media, as they are also representing Danielle Bailey Photography.
  • #DBaileySeniors Models are clients and a retainer is required to be admitted to the program. 

Potential models will be notified by Instagram DM or text message. A parent meeting will need to take place so we can go over the details and the contract. Please be sure to communicate with your parent beforehand that you are applying and what it involves. I can't wait to work with you!!! :)
How do I apply?
Simply fill out the application form below or click here! Feel free to contact me via email or Instagram DM to let me know you've submitted a form and want to be a Class of 2018 #DBaileySeniors SELECT Model!