Take your images from so-so to oh-wow

with my ONLINE Lightroom Editing Classes!

Upcoming Class Dates: Sunday, November 27th @ 1:00 PM (PST)

Due to popular demand, I will be offering a small group class online teaching the basics for using Lightroom software for editing, culling, creating presets, and more. If you are interested in learning to use Lightroom software to edit your images but aren't sure where to start, this class is perfect for you!

This class is being offered online so that you can learn from anywhere your computer and internet access will allow!

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Would you like to speed up your current editing process? Are you curious to know some of my editing secrets? Is Lightroom something you've been wanting to try but you're just not sure where to start? 

Come learn the basics of using Lightroom from the comfort of your home in this 90 minute online class. I'll take you through all the steps that I personally use when editing, from importing to exporting, as well as showing you the various tools that I get the most use from. I'll also show you how to create your own presets, which will save you even more time in the future! 

Since I began using Lightroom, I've been able to cut my culling and editing time in half! It's crazy to me that I used to spend so much time in Photoshop when I could have been using Lightroom to speed things up and still get incredible results! While I do still use Photoshop for some things (which I will explain in the class), about 98% of my time is spent in Lightroom these days, giving me more time to focus on my family instead of being a slave to the computer!

*This class includes 10 presets designed by me for my personal workflow! ($50 value!) 

Q: Do I need to have Lightroom for this class? What version should I have? 
A: I strongly recommend that you have your Lightroom program up and running on a separate computer or device from the one you use to watch this class. Lightroom CC is the best option, since that is what I will be using, but if you have a slightly older version you will still be able to get a LOT from this class! 

Q: What all is going to be covered in this class? 
A: A lot! I'll show you how I use each one of these tools and tricks to the get most efficient and impactful use possible from Lightroom! A basic list of items that will be covered is as follows: importing images, culling images/image selection, editing images, basic editing tools (ex: exposure, white balance, etc.), slightly advanced editing tools (filters, curves, brushes), exporting images, creating presets, loading presets, using presets. I will also show you the process I have used to edit images step-by-step! 

Q: How long is this class? 
A: The expected run time is about an hour to a max of 90 minutes. 

Q: How will you be doing this online? Where do I go? 
A: I will be doing this class either via or Google Hangouts (this is TBD in the next week). A couple of hours before the class, a link will be sent to you. It's recommended that you be prepared to join a bit early so that we can ensure everyone has made it into the class before we begin at 1 PM PST. If you've never used a Google Hangout before, I recommend giving it a try before the class. It's all pretty easy to do though! 

Q: What happens if I can't join? Can you just send me the recording later? 
A: Unfortunately that won't be possible. Please be prepared to attend and be on time. Treat it as though it were an in-person class so you'll get the most possible from it. No refunds or exchanges will be given for no-shows. 

Q: How can I ask you questions during the class? 
A: There is a chat box that will allow you to type in your questions. If we use Google hangouts, you'll also be able to speak into the microphone on your device/computer to ask. I also recommend keeping a pen and paper handy to take notes as we move along. 

Q: What happens if I have questions afterward? Can I contact you? 
A: I will be adding participants to my Facebook group that is specifically designed for Camera Basics and Lightroom attendees so that you can ask questions if you have them later! 

Q: I have more questions before I sign up. Can I contact you? 
A: Sure! Use the contact form here on my website and I'll get back to you within 48 hours!